Introducing Kelsey Wonser


My life is proof of the maxim “It’s better to be lucky than smart.”

In evidence of that fact, I could review my high school years, when I had teachers who confused test scores with intelligence and silence with good behavior.

I could tell you how a 19 year-old misfit became married to the one girl on this planet, who thought being married to a warlock would be fun.  (Poor child!)  My good luck has continued now for more than forty-six years.

You already know that a guardian angel (aka Larry Tweed) saved my soul by leading me to this little piece of Heaven-on-earth called Winfield.  How that happened is beyond explanation.

And forthwith, I can tell you how I “found” Kelsey Wonser:

Kelsey has been employed by the Union State Bank since May of 2010.  During the three years she’s been with USB, my only direct contact with her has been on the teller line here in Winfield on those rare occasions when I’ve actually made deposits.  She has also attended some of my fifty minute branch training sessions, in which I’ve provided guidance to bank employees on topics ranging from “dollar-cost-averaging” into their 401(k) plan to the features and benefits of 529 Education Plans.

Which just goes to show how obtuse I can be.  While I wasn’t paying attention, Kelsey earned an Associates Degree in Business at Cowley College and then—without my help or permission, if you can believe it—Kelsey graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Finance from Wichita State University.  I’ve spent a few hours in the business department at WSU, so I can at least attest that to graduate with honors is no walk in the park.

While almost all of this escaped my attention, Alicia and Dari were not oblivious to the obvious.  And, when Alicia decided to leave FWM to resume her career as a teacher of English, both she and Dari encouraged Kelsey to apply for the opportunity.  As I’ve said, my life is proof that “it’s better to be lucky than smart”.

Kelsey will start working at Family Wealth Management on July 29, but her first assignment, which I’m sure she’s already completed, was to read Nick Murray’s Simple  Wealth, Inevitable Wealth.  Post-graduate education.  In fairly short order, Kelsey will be assuming responsibility for maintaining WealthVision®, our financial planning and account aggregation system.  She will also be helping Dari with operational details, and she’ll be answering the phone.  With the passage of time, Kelsey will be studying and testing to obtain a Kansas Life and Health Insurance licenses and FINRA securities licenses, Series 6, Series 63, Series 65, and Series 7.

Welcome, Kelsey Wonser!   mh