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Month: December 2010

Sharing Abundance

Originally published in Flourishing October 2007. In the summer of 2001, Legacy, A Regional Community Foundation was in its earliest stages of growth.  The organization needed to raise $300,000 to win a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation to permanently fund its operating budget.  Executive Director, Pam Moore, and the foundation’s board of directors had a vision.  These were people who believed they could make a difference, and I was energized by the opportunity to be involved in this ground-floor opportunity. So, in November 2001, Family Wealth Management sponsored the first… Read more Sharing Abundance

Congress and the Fed: Unindicted Co-Conspirators

Originally published in Flourishing November 2008. In a brazen display of ignorance and/or cynicism, members of the media and virtually every nationally recognized politician have characterized the current credit crisis as a failure of laissez-faire capitalism.  Excuse me?  This crisis was created by the Federal Reserve, aided and abetted by the explicit demands made of the private capital markets by an irresponsible and unrepentant Congress.  An unregulated market would never have tolerated debt-to-equity ratios of 20:1, 30:1, 40:1 or in the case of those government sponsored entities, Fannie and Freddie,… Read more Congress and the Fed: Unindicted Co-Conspirators

Michael Jordan & Oil: The Law of Comparative Advantage

Originally published in Flourishing March/April 2010. First, consider these facts:* Just 18% of our oil imports come from the Persian Gulf. The US produces 74% of all the energy it consumes. Because only 26% of our energy is imported, only 4.7% of US primary energy comes from the Persian Gulf. (18 x .26 = 4.68) There are 173 net oil importers in the world.  So, if the US quit buying oil on the world market, there would still be 172 net oil importers. Crude oil contains about 18,400 Btu’s per… Read more Michael Jordan & Oil: The Law of Comparative Advantage

In Support of Tea Parties

Originally Published in Flourishing May/June 2010 Some of you will disagree with what I say in this article, including some members of my own family.  (But, Superman agrees with me.)  I tell you that to remind you of two things:  First, I have no partisan ax to grind.  My political hero is George Washington, and, unfortunately, he’s dead.  I’m interested in political philosophy, history, and economic science—not partisan politics.  Second, this newsletter is a labor of love, written with nothing but my clients’ interests in mind, and I think you… Read more In Support of Tea Parties

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Originally Published in Flourishing July/August 2010 Born and raised in Oregon, Karl Marlantes was a National Merit Scholar, a graduate of Yale University, and a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. After finishing his education at Oxford, Karl served his country as a Marine combat officer. For his heroic action and leadership in Vietnam, Lt. Marlantes was awarded the Navy Cross, the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals for valor, two Purple Hearts, and ten air medals. Later, he built a successful career as a global energy analyst. But, Karl Marlantes’ magnificent… Read more Walk a Mile in Their Shoes