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Month: May 2013

Oxygen for Your Soul

Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013 Each of us—meaning you and me—can be a hero to someone.  With the gift of a smile, an extended hand, or a donation to a favorite charity, each of us has the power to lift up another human being.  It really doesn’t take much—in time, in effort, or in money—to make a difference in the life of another person, or even in the world.  For, example, at his annual Behavioral Strategies Conference, Nick Murray often tells of the housekeeper at New York’s East… Read more Oxygen for Your Soul

The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013 My mother passed away in 1991.  My father died in 1999.  When my mother was alive, my parents were fully self-sufficient.  Sure, my brother, sister, and I chipped in occasionally to help with minor home maintenance and other chores, but our parents could just as easily have paid a local handyman.  But, after Mother died, Dad’s health and cognitive ability steadily deteriorated; and Janet, Doug, and I became members of the sandwich generation.  That role has now passed to Janelle… Read more The Sandwich Generation

Of Shining Brows

Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013  Thank you! Yes, thank you.  Because of your loyalty, support, and trust, Family Wealth Management, LLC now ranks among the top 10% at LPL Financial, a firm which serves more than 13,000 investment advisors and planners nationwide.  So, Linda and I were invited to LPL Financial’s Masters’ Conference, which this year was held at the Fairmont Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 11 through March 14.  I can tell you that it feels great to be counted among such an elite group of… Read more Of Shining Brows

Industry, Energy, and the Moral High Ground

Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013 I was watching television last night (March 26), when I was disturbed by a news item scrolling across the bottom of the screen.  Paraphrasing, the message was that the U.S. State Department will open new hearings on the Keystone XL pipeline project on April 18.  Huh?  I thought Hilary’s State Department had given President Obama clear passage to a decision on Keystone XL way back in 2012, long before the election.   And, I thought I’d read not long ago that the EPA Administrator… Read more Industry, Energy, and the Moral High Ground

A Notable April Birthday

Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013 James Mill was born in Angus, Scotland on April 6, 1773.  He is probably best known as the father of John Stuart Mill, one of the founders of Classical Economics and of Enlightenment Liberalism.  His own father had been a cobbler. James Mill credited his mother for his education and later success.  She had resolved that her son would receive a first-class education, and sent him first to the Montrose Academy, and then to the University of Edinburgh.  James Mill is little known… Read more A Notable April Birthday

For My Shoeless Children

Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013 I’ve worked with many of you on legacy issues over the years, and I feel very good about that.  So, lest you think I’ve become the cobbler with shoeless children, I want to give you an update on my own plans. Linda and I have just updated our Durable Powers of Attorney and our Healthcare Powers of Attorney.  We’ve had a meeting with our daughter, Janelle, who will be our agent/trustee in the event that both of us are incapacitated or dead.  New… Read more For My Shoeless Children