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Month: February 2011

10th Annual Legacy Thanksgiving Banquet

Originally published in Flourishing December 2010. Legacy: a Regional Community Foundation is a public charity established in 1996 by local people to meet a wide variety of charitable needs.  Shortly after its founding, I was invited by the founders to suggest ways to help the foundation grow. You know I’m a slow study, so it took a while. But, during a staff meeting in the early months of 2001, it occurred to me that we could help the foundation by sponsoring a public event. I met with Legacy’s Executive Director,… Read more 10th Annual Legacy Thanksgiving Banquet

Your Personality is Important, Pass It On

Originally published in Flourishing December 2010. You have things in your home that are important to you, not just for their tangible value, but for their intangible or symbolic value, for the memories attached to them, the stories, too, perhaps. In my case, I have pictures and letters dating back to the mid-19th century and a dictionary owned by my mother’s grandfather. They have no monetary value, but I have in my mind the stories that my mother shared with me. I know those people. I understand who they were… Read more Your Personality is Important, Pass It On

7 Lessons for My Grandchildren

Originally published in Flourishing October 2010. My grandchildren are back in school. Their preparations have moved me to consider what they should learn. Here are seven lessons that come to mind: First, everyone should study the lives of George Washington and Mohandas Gandhi. Both were men of self-made character, and each won the unfailing loyalty of his followers by his willingness to accept responsibility for being a grown-up. Each was willing to speak truth to power. Each was willing to act in accordance with his most deeply held beliefs. Each… Read more 7 Lessons for My Grandchildren