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Month: March 2011

From Slavery to Significance

Originally published in Flourishing February 2011. Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey was born a slave in his grandmother’s shack east of Tappers Corner, Maryland in February of 1818.  The exact date of his birth is unknown.  He was separated from his mother, Harriet Bailey, when he was still an infant and lived with his maternal grandmother Betty Bailey. His mother died when he was seven. Like his birthday, the identity of his father is uncertain. When Frederick was about twelve years old, his master’s wife, Sophia Auld, started teaching him the… Read more From Slavery to Significance

What’s In a Name

Originally published in Flourishing January 2011. Fred Harvey was seventeen years old when he arrived in New York City in 1853.  Following his father’s business failure in London, he had left his family and friends to seek his own fortune in the land of milk and honey.  Fred began his business career humbly, as a “pot walloper” in a New York City diner; but while washing dishes, he learned some valuable lessons about business management from his employers. Hard-working Fred advanced quickly with his employers in New York, and he… Read more What’s In a Name