Oxygen for Your Soul

Originally published in Flourishing Mar Apr 2013

Each of us—meaning you and me—can be a hero to someone.  With the gift of a smile, an extended hand, or a donation to a favorite charity, each of us has the power to lift up another human being.  It really doesn’t take much—in time, in effort, or in money—to make a difference in the life of another person, or even in the world. 

For, example, at his annual Behavioral Strategies Conference, Nick Murray often tells of the housekeeper at New York’s East Side Marriott, who may be helping to put her son or daughter through college.  He advises us to be generous with all of our tips.  You just never know, he says, who or how much it might help.   

And, when you give from the heart, whether you’re thanked or not doesn’t really matter.  Lift someone up, says Nick Murray, “It’s oxygen for your soul”.   Indeed, it is.  mh