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Principles and Observations

I’ve just finished reading The Man Who Knew: The Life and Times of Alan Greenspan, by Sebastian Mallaby. It is, without doubt, the most personally and professionally relevant biography I’ve read in many years. You may remember that Dr. Greenspan was Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Open Market Committee from 1987 until his retirement in 2006 (just short of his 80th birthday). In various capacities, Dr. Greenspan advised every American president from Nixon to George W. Bush, excepting Jimmy Carter. In this book, Mallaby provides both… Read more Principles and Observations

Smart Ways to Take Advantage of Your Tax Refund

Author: Teresa Mears Tax season is a time of stress for many, but it can be a joyful time for the roughly 75 percent of Americans who receive income tax refunds. While the refund really means you’re getting back money you loaned to the government at no interest, in practical terms it often means an unexpected infusion of cash into your wallet or bank account. Last year’s average income tax refund was $2,755, according to the Internal Revenue Service. That’s a nice chunk of change. It’s a great problem to… Read more Smart Ways to Take Advantage of Your Tax Refund

Steve Jobs Retires

I’m sad. One of the most creative and independent business minds of the twentieth century has told us that he’s about to pass from this world. No, he didn’t say that exactly, but anyone who knows anything at all about his personality knows that he’s not a quitter; and Steve Jobs is quitting.  He’s stepped down, voluntarily, from his $1 a year job as CEO of Apple.  It never was about the money.  It’s always been about loving life. And, therein lies a lesson for all of us.  Mr. Jobs… Read more Steve Jobs Retires

Washington’s Purposeful Will

Originally published in eFlourishing Issue 34, October 27, 2010. I’ve just recently joined a professional development collaborative led by John A. Warnick, founder and CEO of the Purposeful Planning Institute, based in Denver. John A. was formerly a partner in the Denver office of Holme Roberts & Owen LLP, a prestigious international law firm. The Purposeful Planning Institute provides its collaborators with weekly and monthly conference calls and regular on-site training sessions at varying locations around the country. I expect to add to my understanding of issues related to intergenerational… Read more Washington’s Purposeful Will

Thank you, Dr. Lindzen

Originally Published in eFlourishing Issue 6, March 2, 2010 Over the past twenty plus years, Dr. Richard Lindzen has been one of the scientists most maligned by the global warming orthodoxy. Dr. Lindzen, an atmospheric physicist, is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT. Naturally, that qualification didn’t prevent his being labeled (should I say libeled?) as a “global warming denier” and an “oil industry puppet” by global warming alarmists. Incidentally, I don’t feel either of those charges are true. More to the point of this essay, Dr. Lindzen’s criticisms… Read more Thank you, Dr. Lindzen

Recommended Reading

Originally Published in eFlourishing Issue 8, March 16, 2010 Michel Grandin was ten years old when he saw the plane go down on June 10, 1944. It had been strafing a German convoy, when the pilot apparently misjudged the height of an approaching tree line – one of those infamous and ancient hedgerows of Normandy.  Michel’s father forbade him to run to the crash site, though he, a local carpenter, and the village priest did so. While these French patriots waited in the nearby woods, German soldiers policed the scene… Read more Recommended Reading

Made in the USA

Originally Published in eFlourishing Issue 8, March 16, 2010 We hear our friends say, “The US doesn’t make anything here anymore!” But we do. Last Thursday, the Commerce Department announced that as a percentage (39%) of the growth in our Gross Domestic Product (5.9% in 4Q2009), goods exported from the US hit a thirteen-year high in 4Q2009. But wait! That’s not the good news, which is that the US is still – far and away – the number one manufacturer in the world, producing more than 20% of global output… Read more Made in the USA

The Last of the Mohicans, Almost

Originally Published in eFlourishing Issue 10, May 30, 2010 There is nothing new under the sun, but the history you don’t know; or in my case, the genealogy. One of the oldest Indian reservations in North America is reserve land granted to the Schaghticoke Indians (descendants of the Mohicans) in the year 1736 by the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut, forty years prior to the formation of the United States. As far as I know, the Schaghticoke do not run a casino. Still, they have my attention. My great-grandfather,… Read more The Last of the Mohicans, Almost