Faulty Lens Follow-Up

Originally published in Flourishing January 2012

In the November issue of this newsletter, I discussed the Occupy Wall Street protestors, saying that they were viewing the world through a “faulty intellectual lens”.  The point of the article was that many of the protestors are confused.  Among other things, they don’t understand the “capitalist function”, which is to provide financing for the improvement of the human condition.

So, I was very pleased to read* about protestor Tracy Postert.

Tracy has a PhD. in biomedical science, with a specialty in pharmacology.  Frustrated at being unable to find a job in academia, she held signs in Zucotti Park saying “Reagan Sucks”, and “I’ll Vote After the Revolution”.  (Yes, the logic escapes me, too.)

Tracy finally realized that those signs weren’t helping her find a job, and she put up a new one: 

PhD. Biomedical Scientist Seeking Full Time

Employment—Ask Me for My Résumé

And, what do you know?  Wayne Kaufman, Chief Market Analyst at John Thomas Financial (located at14 Wall Street) saw her sign, read her résumé, called her in for an interview, and offered her a job analyzing medical companies as potential investments.

She accepted.

Tracy is now studying to become a Chartered Financial Analyst, saying, “I want to get a perfect score.”

Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum) The way you look at things really does make a difference.  mh

*Occupier Gets an Occupation, nypost.com, December 5, 2011.