Web Tips

Originally published in Flourishing January 2012

Are you wondering how working while collecting Social Security will affect your benefits?  Are you having trouble managing all of your monthly expenses?  Perhaps you want to start an education savings plan for your child or grandchild, but are wondering which type is right for you.  To help with these difficult questions, Family Wealth Management LLC has a wealth of resources available to you on our website.

Simply go to http://www.lpladvisorweb.com/michael.harvey/ and click on Downloads in the Client Center drop down menu.  Available to you at no charge is information on retirement plans, long term care insurance, Medicare, Social Security, estate planning, education funding, and much more. 

The information is in easy to view formats, such as PDF and Excel spreadsheets.  Some, like the Monthly Budget Spreadsheet, can even be personalized for your unique circumstances.  Visit our website often, as we’re always looking for, creating, and adding new and useful content to help you manage your money.  ab